Journey Bags

This project reaches out and serves a diverse group of people in our community that are suffering from addiction and or have recently overdosed. As a mother of an active heroin user, I became frustrated with my community and their lack of empathy and sympathy for my son. I was angry at the first responders and medical personnel that would hand my son a piece of paper with treatment options that he usually threw away immediately after he had been treated with Narcan and or released from the ER.  So, I took my anger and decided to make a change. The Journey Bags are drawstring backpacks that contain personal hygiene items, snacks, a spiritual daily reader and a little note of encouragement let those who have a substance use disorder that there is HOPE. The bags are distributed in several ways. UC West Chester distribute the bags through their ER to patients that has recently overdosed or has a substance use disorder. I pass bags out at Middletown Syringe Exchange Program and plan on visiting the other syringe exchange programs very soon.  The Quick Response Team in Warren County hands bags out to individual who have recently overdosed when they follow up to encourage treatment or to offer help. The purpose of these bags are simply to show love and support to those who have a substance use disorder and to eliminate treatment options and resources being thrown away immediately. If that information is inside of a bag of goodies chances are they may pick it up one day and seek help.

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